Monday, 6 February 2012

恭喜發財 @ Sama Gagah

Buah Kundur
TEAM Selangor B

LAMB gone 3kg...ME add 3kg

BBQ oldskool syle

The makan besar
CNY fire and flames

AMOK with the pokok

It was a holiday celebration even we do not celebrate the fiest at all. It was a long holiday, 4 days of outburst weekend. Saturday till Tuesday. Hell lots of things can be done for the whole days but the most glorious thing is not the Year of Dragon but the gathering itself, which seems to be a scheduled occasion after this.

The hard work can be done either with the "hard" ways or just having fun. The achievement is only for self-satisfaction, not for any award and reward. The result could be perfect, or maybe just enough to fulfill a dream of some loved ones.

Without any doubt, these were the days ANYONE should remembered.

Happy glorious day ahead Clan!

~21-24 Januari 2012~